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Bad Kids《坏小孩》正平封.jpg

Original title:



Original language

Simplified Chinese


Publication info:

Insight Media
July 2018

450 pages



Upmarket thriller

Rights handled by New River

Foreign rights excl. Asia

Rights sold:

Japan (Hayakawa)


Indonesia (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) Taiwan (Aquarius)

WEL (Pushkin Press)

Bad Kids

 by Zijin Chen

Zhang Dongsheng refuses to grant his wife Xu Jing a divorce. He was penniless when they got married; the condition of their union was that if they were to part ways, she would retain all assets. He decides to take control and spends a year planning the murder of his parents-in-law and his wife. A year later, Zhang takes his parents-in-law to a sightseeing spot on a cliff. Pretending to adjust his in-laws into a position for a good photograph, he pushes them off the cliff. Yet, he could not have foreseen that his perfect crime has been caught on film by the three kids playing with their camera in the distance. Even worse, these kids are not naive . . . 

Smartly written in clinically simple Chinese, Bad Kids is an ultimate page-turner and a refreshing alternative to the usual detective adventure and the coming-of-age story. Focusing more on 'how they do it' and 'why they do it', it takes the reader onto a breathtaking journey into the development of the detective-killer psyche of Zhu Chaoyang, the leading figure of the three kids and the true protagonist of the novel, and finally to the slow unfolding of inevitable disasters.  

About the author

Zijin Chen is a bestselling author of suspense fiction in China. Celebrated as the Chinese 'Keigo Higashino' by his readers, Zijin Chen's novel Bad Kids was adapted to a television series by iQIYI's Light On Theatre. The show's popularity in viewer polls achieved the highest rating in the year 2020.  

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